Pink Perceptions

By Research Institutes of Sweden

The Pink (co Scharinska Villan)
Storgatan 65, 903 30 UmeƄ, Sweden
Centrala Stan
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We would formally like to invite you to the event Pink Perceptions on the 31st of January 2019, hosted in Umeå at the RISE hub The Pink ( Pink Perceptions is a RISE ( event, open to the public, introducing and reinforcing how to collaborate with RISE, in particular as an innovation partner - Thus, a sneak peak into RISE and innovation landscape! 

The event will be held in The Pink, RISE’s design-driven Hub in the North of Sweden, where research for society is carried out. Throughout the day, RISE Interactive, together with other RISE colleagues and external collaborators (public and private sector in Umeå & rest of Sweden), will host parallel workshops, each tackling one specific theme.

The themes revolve around current complex issues in society:

#1 Vitruvian Food
Exploring the future of food technologies

#2 Digital Fabrication: Resisting Plastics
Exploring new additive manufacturing techniques with wood-based materials.

#3 Professional Education
Exploring lifelong learning and education within professional settings

#4 Cultural Heritage, Digitalisation and Tacit Skills
Explore the meaning of tacit skills and presenting oneself beyond formal education within your professional context

#5 Mobility & Justice
Exploring the complexity of mobility from perspectives of equality and gender neutrality

#6 Move it, Move it  
Preventive E-health: Exploring physical literacy for kids through digital technologies

#7 Is AI the panacea of Industry?
Exploring AI opportunities for local industry

#8 Design with us!    
Exploring tools and methods that are relevant for your business (the workshop will be held in Swedish)

Program 31 January

13.00 Registration & Welcome

13.30 Workshop sessions with fika

16.30 Keynote performance 

17.00 Presentation The Pink 

17.30 Mingle & Drinks with the announcement of the advisory board from The Pink


The day will end with a party where there is a chance to network with all the other guests, including RISE management, colleagues and other partners at the conference, and share experiences gathered from the workshops. 

We would love you to be part of this day to share your knowledge, expertise and interest, but most importantly to have a good time!

If you are interested, you can subscribe for one of the workshops listed here. Please note, we have a limited amount of participants we can host per workshop. Parallel to the workshops, there will be demo sessions demonstrating different projects within RISE Interactive and other activities for you to get to know RISE.

We are looking forward meeting you, so hopefully see you up north!

No tickets available

Unfortunately, no tickets are available for the event, please contact the event organizer