Workshop: Becoming a filmmaker

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What you need to know about working with video; understanding codecs, compression and colour, and how to realize the true potential of your camera. This is the workshop where you’ll learn all of this!

 Becoming a filmmaker or videographer is often seen as a daunting prospect for photographers, regardless of whether you're working on a professional level or not. The world of digital stills is relatively straightforward with the shooting and editing of JPEG and RAW file types, but the video world does not appear as straight forward to newcomers. There is a wide variety of file formats, which are widely spoken about and referred to, such as the type of codec to use and which colour subsampling levels a camera processes, and why exactly is 4:2:2 better than 4:2:0? Why is capturing 10-bit so important compared to 8-bit when shooting video? What is Log and how do you work with it? Is RAW an option for you? All these questions and the technical jargon around them leaves a lot of users somewhat stumbling in the dark when working with video, ultimately leading to mediocre results following a mistake-ridden production path.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of photographers looking to start working more with video. We’ll demystify the technology and the science behind video production and explain the jargon. We’ll also go through how to get the best video image quality from your present camera or the next camera that you're looking to buy, as well as show you how affordable accessories can unleash the true capabilities of today’s DSLRs, CSCs (mirrorless cameras) and video camcorders.

You will leave with a clear understanding of how to move forward confidently with a wide range of cameras, and that incorporating video into your work is nothing to fear and can only increase your business and creativity. Welcome!

To participate in the workshop is free of charge, but registration is required!

Time Lecture: 15:00–16:30
Time Touch and Try: 16:30–17:30

Event is not available right now, please contact the organizer for further informations.